Hybrid Education

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Hybrid Education is our speciality

What is Hybrid Education?

Hybrid Education is a learning plan that is personalized for each individual student that combines on-line, on-campus, and/or home-based learning. Christian Victory Academy (CVA) specializes in creating individualized learning for students based on parent involvement, personal strengths and weaknesses, learning style, and personal preferences.

Our Journey parents are guided by Paula Williamson, who chose home-based education for her children and taught them for 14 years. She has continued to guide others for over 20 years and is considered an expert in home-based education.

Benefits of Hybrid Education

Hybrid Education is the future of instruction models. Combining on-line, on-campus, and home-based learning helps to create the ideal learning environment for each student. A student may excel at English, but stuggle with mathmatics. This student may prefer to take English online and move at his own pace, knowing that he can contact a teacher whenever he needs any additional help or for any questions. However, he may need that classroom interaction to be able to understand mathematics, so he can take that on campus.

Hybrid students in our 5-day program will take their online courses in a classroom with a teacher present to answer questions as needed.

Taking advantage of any combination of these three learning environments encourages time management, problem solving, study skills, and critical-thinking skills.

On-Campus Classes

CVA’s On-Campus Classes provide a safe and wonderful learning environment for students.

Our class size is limited to 6 students per class for K - 3rd grade and 12 students per class for 4th grade and up. This allows the instructor to be available to each student. Student-Instructor communication is encouraged, including contacting instructors when a student is at home and has questions on an assignment.

K - 4th Grade students have on-campus classes 5 days per week.

5th - 12th grade students have options for a 2-day program, 3-day program, or 5-day program.

Scholarship students must be on-campus 5 days per week. Our 5-day On-campus program is designed to meet their needs and requirements.


Online Courses

We chose Ignitia, an online Christian curriculum for grades 3-12, to power our online learning.

Ignitia uses engaging courses infused with over 50,000 multimedia elements like video clips, educational games, and animations. More importantly, Ignitia includes a complete Christian worldview and Scripture integration in all courses and subject areas.

Our online instructors are here to help students succeed in the virtual classroom. The integrated message center is designed to facilitate the flow of information and enrich the learning experience.


Journey: A Home-based Education Program

In CVA's Journey Program, the parent is the instructor, but not alone. We offer caring, professional, and experienced staff for guidance in curriculum choices, learning styles, ect.

We keep it simple by offering curriculum packages for K-12 for purchase, though parents are welcome to purchase approved curriculum indepentantly as well.

Parents who choose the home education program for all of their student's courses will still be able to participate in our field trips and events.


CVA's One-On-One Tutoring Program is created to specially help struggling CVA students who need one-on-one teaching time. This is an ideal learning environment for many students.

Our tutors go through the same process as CVA's teachers, which includes a thorough background check.


Dual Enrollment

Eighty percent of CVA’s students dual enroll with local colleges during their senior year, depending on their GPA and test scores.

The Dual Enrollment Program allows students to earn college and high school credit at the same time. It’s the ideal start for a smooth transition from high school to college.


CVA student's may participate with Eastland Christian School (ECS) Sports Program. Interested families must meet with Paula Williamson to receive the Sports Registration Packet.

CVA student's may also participate in their zoned public school's sports activities because CVA does not offer its own sports program. For more information on Florida Statues regarding private school students participating in public school sports programs, please see Florida Statute 1006.15(8)(a).


CVA offers art classes for student's K-12.

Community Service Club

CVA students are invited to join our BECAUSE... Community Service Club, where we volunteer at Second Harvest, Ronald McDonald House, and more. Students lead charity projects such as Operation Christmas Child, Christmas Stocking Brigade for the Homeless, and many more throughout the year.

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