Required Medical Records
  1. Birth Certificate
    • Every child must have a birth certificate in their school file.
    • A readable copy is fine, however CVA cannot make the copy for you. Bring a copy that can be placed in the student's file at CVA.
    • If born in a foreign country, there must be an officially translated version of the birth certificate.

  2. School Entry Physical
    At this time, CVA will accept the following:
    • Official school physical from any year including Kindergarten entry into a Florida school. FORM: DH3040
    • OR current Sports Physical.

  3. Immunizations
    • Immunizations MUST be current and up to date. MUST be on the FORM: DH680
    • For grades K-6 the doctor must indicate CODE 1 (compliant includes all school entry required immunizations).
    • For grades 7-12 the doctor must indicate CODE 8 (compliant includes 7th grade immunizations).

    Immunization Exemptions
    CVA accepts the following exemptions for immunizations:
    • Religious Exemption --must be on the official DH 681 form.
    • Permanent Medical Exemption-- must be officially marked on DH 680 form from the doctor.

  4. Scoliosis Screening
    • Students who will be entering the 6th grade in the fall must be screened for scoliosis.
    • Have your doctor do the screening and bring CVA the documentation.